It seems like everywhere we turn these days; costs are skyrocketing. And with the interest rates increasing too, the crazy real estate market of last year is looking like it’s slowing down. It’s more important than ever that your house stands out from the others. Even if you’re not selling your home, it might be time for you to face the condition of the area that most homeowners admit is the most disorganized spot in their home—the garage.

If you’re considering a home improvement idea, whether brought about by a possible home sale or desire to enjoy it more, a garage upgraded with epoxy or storage solutions and flooring improvements can have a big impact on a buyer and your homelife.

A garage Is important in the growing East Valley

Most homebuyers in the East Valley and the Greater Phoenix area are looking for a garage. It keeps cars safe and protected from the elements, not to mention the shade makes it possible to touch your steering wheel when you first get in. But what most home sellers don’t think about is that if your garage is dirty, dusty, and cluttered, you’re impacting the sale. A large garage can appear to shrink when it’s filled with stuff and disorganized, turning a potential homebuyer off.

A 2020 Impulse Research survey found, “When purchasing a home, 80% of buyers factor in the garage when making their decision.” Additionally, 82% of respondents said that a cluttered or disorganized garage harmed their first impression. An organized garage speaks to the pride the homeowner has in their home.

East Valley Garage Epoxy

Fortunately, you can improve the look of your garage quickly and with minimal investment, unlike a kitchen or bath that could cost tens of thousands of dollars for upgrades and redesigns.

Two ways to make your garage more appealing:

Make the most of your garage space to turn visitors into buyers or make your spouse happy by creating a friendly, usable area. According to an Impulse Research Survey, 55% of Americans spend 1-2 hours each week in the garage doing hobbies and other activities. Making your garage more appealing can have a big impact on your ability to sell quickly or enjoy your home more.

You can’t do anything with your garage until you sort through your stuff. Decide what you need easy access to and what you need occasionally—bikes versus holiday décor, for instance. Some homeowners are quick to rent a storage unit that they get little value out of. Instead, consider garage shelving. There are many options from overhead racks to floor shelves. Not only will that save you the money of a monthly rental, but it also keeps your items organized and easily accessible. Plus, customized garage shelving adds value to your home. A storage rental doesn’t. You get nothing in return for the expense of a rental unit.

Start at the Ground Level
For home buyers who have been searching for a while, homes can begin to run together in their minds. But a gorgeous epoxy flake floor can make a big impression. It not only provides a clean look, but it influences a house hunter’s opinion of the home. An upgraded garage reflects the condition and upkeep of the rest of the home. If you take care of your garage, it’s assumed the rest of your home will be in good shape as well.

Epoxy flooring makes a garage more:

· Inviting
· Clean looking
· Durable
· Safer

Polyaspartic epoxy is UV resistant, so it will never dull, yellow or turn amber.  Plus, epoxy flooring retains its looks for years, and we are so confident that ours has a lifetime warranty.

Epoxy floors also come in a variety of colors so you can create whatever design statement you’d like whether that’s matching an interior theme of your home or paying homage to your favorite team’s colors.

Traditional concrete flooring gets dusty and can be slick when wet, making it dangerous. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, provides better traction.

If you’re considering upgrading your garage with more storage or a cleaner look, remember that a Thompson’s Company study found 52% of homeowners want a garage their neighbors will envy. Isn’t it time that you become part of that envious number?

Will it make your spouse happier? Let’s start your Garage Pros 1 project and find out!

Now is the perfect time to tame the clutter and become that house with the “amazing garage.” Contact Garage Pros 1 to help design the garage of your dreams with gorgeous flooring and organization. Book now to get started!